LED ronde 4 pouces LED OFFROAD LUMIÈRES JG-1000P

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Modèle: JG-1000P
Tension: 10-30V DC
Power LED: 45W
Draw actuel: 12v@3.75A, 24v@1.87A
Étanche et épreuve de poussière: IP 68
Lumens: 4780lm
Chip: 9pcs * LED OSRAM P8 à haute intensité 5W
Température de couleur: 6500k
Couleurs de l'objectif: jaune / blanc
Lentille: lentille PMMA
Matériel: Logement en alliage en aluminium Diecasting
Support de montage: ABS PLSTIC avec acier inoxydable
Couleur du logement: noir
Temps de vie: 50000+ heures
Taille: 150 * 10,2 * 10,2 mm
1lux @ 700m
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4 inch Round Led Offroad Lights Manufacturer JG-1000P details

ULTRA-LONG LIGHTING DISTANCE:1000P uses high-quality Osram P8 chip, 45W power brings 4750LM bright light, and it can illuminate up to 700M distance without projector lens.

ALLIAGE D'ALUMINIUM  MATÉRIEL: take the aluminum material with high thermal conductivity as the main body of heat dissipation, and adopt oxidation process on the surface, which can speed up the heat dissipation effect, improve the service life of lamp beads, and prevent earthquake and falling.


AJUSTABLE  MONTAGE  ACCESSOIRES:With the included adjustable mounting accessories, the LED work light can adjust to about 120 degrees. This makes changing the direction of the light beam easier. The lamp can slide after the installation.


GARANTIE:Order from Jiuguang Led Light for a truly worry-free experience! We offer a free 2 years warranty and offer excellent service on before-sale, on-sale and after-sale.

LED ronde 4 pouces LED OFFROAD LIGNES Fabricant JG-1000P Avantages

LED ronde 4 pouces LED OFFROAD LUMIÈRES JG-1000P apply to all 9-32v vehicles,Jeeps, 4x4, trucks, tractors, trailers, golf carts, pickups, cars, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs & boats. Additionally, there are many indoor and outdoor uses: garden lighting, backyard lighting, backup light, off road lighting, reverse lights, construction lighting and more.

4 inch Round Led Offroad Lights Manufacturer JG-1000P application

4 inch Round Led Offroad Lights Manufacturer JG-1000P Size:there may be a little error because of measurement in a different way.

4 inch Round Led Offroad Lights Manufacturer JG-1000P size

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